If you're looking for the best lucifer fanfiction, this story is for you!

The first Lucifer fanfiction that we will look at features Chloe and Lucifer. This story is told from Chloe’s perspective, making it particularly interesting. She is in love with the Devil, and she is determined for him to love her back. Chloe has found herself in an interesting situation and is unsure how to get out of it. 

In the next Lucifer fanfiction that we will look at, there is no lack of drama. Trixie gets kidnapped, and Lucifer will not stand for it. There are some intense scenes in this story, and they are not for the faint of heart. We get to see Lucifer in a new light, and he portrays himself as an excellent friend and hero to many people. 

This story occurs in an alternate universe where Chloe is a highly skilled spy. She consistently rejects Lucifer, but he sees it as just another challenge that he must tackle. 

This story opens with Chloe investigating a murder. Her world changes forever when she realizes that the victim of this murder may not be entirely human. We follow Chloe as she learns that the next victim on this murderer’s list is Lucifer himself.

In this story, Chloe spends her time uncovering secrets about Lucifer and his mysterious past. She comes face to face with some of the nightmares that Lucifer has faced, and now she must deal with them herself. Eventually, Chloe decides that she must help Lucifer recover and turn over a new leaf in life. 

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