If you're looking for the Best Lion King fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story tries to explain the character of Scar and why he became the villain in the story. In this story, his character is mostly because of the way his mother and his brother Mufasa treated him; as if he were worth nothing.

In this story, we see what happens when Scar becomes king. He can’t seem to control his chaotic mind and doesn’t know who he can trust anymore. Scar tries to win Nala over and make her his mate, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

This story tells the side of Nala from the moment at the elephant graveyard. She insists to her mother and the rest of the pack that Simba isn’t guilty. And she says that Scar is a threat to everyone on the Pridelands.

This story takes place after the Lion King part 2. The War with the Outlanders is won and the Pride Lands are once again prospering. But there is a big secret that is about to be revealed. This secret involves a long-lost prince coming back to claim his throne.

In this story, Scar tries to be the cool uncle while babysitting Simba. Mufasa at first didn’t want to leave his precious son with Scar because Mufasa wasn’t sure he could really trust Scar with such a young cub. But eventually, he lets his worries slide and this results in Simba having fun with Scar.

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