If you're looking for the Best Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, we see Sora becoming the chosen one. He experiences many trials and struggles on the way to his destination, which can get a bit dark sometimes. If you don’t want a very heavy story, this may not be the one to choose. 

This story takes place in an alternate universe where we see the true life of Donald Duck, who turns out to be the most extraordinary duck ever. Though many people know him as Scrooge McDuck’s nephew and nothing more, there is actually so much more to him than that.

This story opens with Vanitas disobeying his master’s orders. He heads out on an adventure to find the missing half of his heart. While on this journey, he also finds something else that he never thought he would find anywhere... 

In this story, the narrator has woken up in the body of their favorite video game character, who just so happens to be Riku from Kingdom Hearts. This story also features elements of time travel and a unique alternate universe. 

The author has placed us in the world of Kingdom Hearts, and we get to interact with the characters that we know and love. There are some romantic relationships, strong friendships, and powerful enemies throughout the story. Being placed into the world as the reader feels a lot like playing the game.

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