If you're looking for the best Jon and Daenerys fanfiction, this story is for you!

The White Walkers have won in this fanfic, and all hope seems lost. Jon is granted a gift from the gods to go back in time and save everyone from their devastating future. While he is time traveling, Jon decides to go to Pentos to save his true love, Daenerys. 

In this fanfic, the Second War for the Dawn is over. The Others have won, and it seems that there is no hope left. That is, until one person concocts quite a unique plan that just might save them all. 

Rhaegar is a brooding prince who is living a lie about his father’s ability to rule. After he is forced to marry Lyanna, his heart begins to soften, and we see a new side of this once troubled man. He must confront the lies that haunt him and must make some difficult decisions.

In the world of this story, Ned Stark is not executed, but instead, he joins the Night’s Watch. He arrives at the wall just in time to tell Jon the truth about his mother. As we know, this is a startling truth that changes Jon’s life. 

Jon faces the White Walkers, and he discovers a power that just might change his life, as well as the world around him. He journeys south as a dragon, and he sees the world begin to shift. This story is dark and violent but very well-written and engaging.

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