If you're looking for the Best Harry Potter crossover Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This is a crossover with the TV shows Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. This is also the year that Professor Snape achieves his dream of being the defense against the dark arts teacher, so the position of potions master is available. And the new potions master is Gordon Ramsey.

 This fanfic crosses over with the world of Full Metal Alchemist. In this story, Ed is thrown into the Wizarding World and forced to reconcile a situation that has arisen. He is not happy about dealing with wizards and witches, and he finds them to be a bit nonsensical and loony. 

This fanfic crosses over with the Marvel Cinematic Universe,, specifically Thor. The story opens with Harry learning that his father is alive, and he has been in hiding since he was a child. Instead of being thrilled  by this news, Harry is furious and wants revenge on his father. 

This is another crossover with Fullmetal Alchemist. This story takes place at Hogwarts, and a new student has just arrived to shake things up. This new student is Edward Elric, and he is sorted into the Hufflepuff house where he quickly finds that he does not quite fit in. 

The next Harry Potter fanfiction crosses over with the world of Naruto. Though many have tried, no one has been able to kill Harry Potter, at least, not for long. Harry seems to keep coming back from the dead, and each time he is stronger and harder to kill. 

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