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This alternate universe is a crossover of Halo and Mass Effect. A deep-space scientific exploration vessel comes across the remains of a spaceship. And that’s not all, there is a human life-form aboard. Then a mercenary warship attacks the exploration vessel, and all hell breaks loose. 

This crossover is for you if you want a fresh take on Halo/Mass Effect. The Long Night of Solace evaporates over Reach via the weaponized usage of a Slipspace Drive. Consequently, the UNSC takes desperate measures to fight against them.

In this alternate universe, we follow the Doom Slayer after being cast away by Samuel Hayden. He embarks on adventures in different universes helping those having issues with the denizens of Hell...

The author set this fun and quirky My Hero Academia crossover story in an alternate universe. Here, Earth isn’t glassed by the Covenant and humans own supernatural powers known as quirks. Izuku Midoriya, code name Forest Wolf, lands on a planet different but similar to his own. 

After undergoing a series of experiments, Izuku Midoriya becomes a “Hero.” With supernatural strength beyond human comprehension, he is the first genetically modified quirkless being. But Izuku hates the monster he has become.

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