If you're looking for the Best Haikyuu!! Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story contains multiple short stories about Hinata’s charm. He isn’t aware of what his natural charisma can do to everyone. It almost seems like he is enchanting everyone and melting hearts wherever he goes.

In this story, Hinata is faced with violence. Even though Hinata is a very passionate and sunny personality, this violence rattles him. And the rest of the volleyball team will be affected if he loses some of his brightness. So Karasuno takes revenge to make everything back to normal again.

In this fanfic, Hinata is a first year at the volleyball club. The Little Giant is his idol, and he wants to be just as great. But first, he must overcome everything a 1st year goes through. Most of the chapters follow the training regime at Aoba Johsai & how Hinata fairs with these trainings.

In this story, the reader is also a character. The writer refers to the reader as Y/N, so you can insert your name there. You, as a reader, are the new volleyball manager at Inarizaki, and fulfilling this role is much harder than expected. And even though everything is hard and she threatens to quit a lot, she never actually does.

This is another story where the reader is the main character. In this world, everyone born can be either an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. But this won’t be clear until a child is 12 years old. Only the reader already shows changes from a young age which makes the parents suspect there might be something big going on.

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