If you're looking for popular Grey's Anatomy fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story is actually a collection of several shorter snippets that feature Nico and Levi in both their personal and professional lives. Throughout these stories, we also get to see how Nico and Schmitt interact with other characters including Jo, Jackson, Linc, and Maggie. 

This story focuses less on romantic relationships and more on the medical drama that is unfolding in the hospital.  There is still a decent amount of romance, however. But when a Code Luna is called at the hospital, the staff has to deal with it as quickly as possible. 

In this next Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction, Nico and Levi are again the focus of the majority of the story. Though we do see a couple of other characters throughout, their lives and relationship are the focal point.  This story is again a collection of smaller snippets that all work together to give these two some greater depth and personality. 

The main focus of this incredible fanfiction is Addison and Meredith. In this story, Meredith and Addison run into each other at a medical conference in Boston and they end up in an interesting situation together.  

In this story we see Nico giving Levi plenty of favoritism, which Levi interprets as good luck. 

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