If you're looking for the Best Glee fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story focuses on Kurt and Finn and their tumultuous relationship as step-brothers. In this story, Finn is moving into the Hummel household but is reluctant to share a room with Kurt. His reason for not wanting to share a room may not be exactly what you expect. 

In this story, we get to see how each member of New Directions handles their newfound superpowers in a Marvel universe crossover. They each have different powers that they use in different ways, and they are all exciting. 

This story takes place in the future, and we get to see Kurt take on the role of a father. Kurt and Elliot have moved to New York, but now they are headed back to Ohio for their first family vacation. This story is full of love, and it is great to see how Kurt deals with being a young father.

This story is a series of short stories that depict the lives of Sebastian and Barry. Barry and Sebastian have been separated for some time, but they are eventually reunited. Sebastian came to Barry’s rescue, and this makes a huge difference in their relationship. 

In this story, Quinn reveals that they would like to be known as “he” and that he identifies as a male. As the story progresses, Quinn reveals that he also has a crush on Rachel. This is a lot of information for them to process, and everyone seems to have a different reaction. 

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