If you're looking for the most popular Game of Thrones fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

The premise for this story is rather simple; Jamie and Jon are on a mission to enter the game of thrones together. As you may have expected, the story gets much more complicated than that, but this is how it begins. 

Each of these stories is very short, only about 1,000 words each. This collection contains many Game of Thrones stories, but it also contains stories from the worlds of Harry Potter, Marvel, My Hero Academia, and so much more. 

This story deals with all of the things we love about the show; dragons, battles, relationships, and hope. There is a great balance of fluff and angst in this story, and it all plays out in a really nice way. 

What if Ned Stark hadn’t been executed? We get to see what impact this would have had on the entire series. Over the 79 chapters of this story, we slowly diverge more and more away from the storyline of the original series, as the events that open the story have far-reaching impacts. 

In this story, Jon and Jamie are sent back in time by the gods to prevent the War of the Five Kings. They are tasked with uniting Westeros, but of course, things never seem to go to plan. 

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