If you're looking for the Best Frozen Fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, young Elsa has not taken the throne yet. She is cursed with fear of her powers, the future, and her destiny. Luckily, she has her guardian to help guide and protect her, and she can slowly work through her fear. 

In this story, Elsa awakes to find her bedroom occupied by a mysterious man. Believing that she is delusional, she tries to get rid of him, but he won’t go easily. This story features many different characters from Rise of the Guardians as they all come to visit Elsa for a mysterious and unknown reason. 

In this story, the characters from Frozen, and other Disney movies, gather together to watch Mulan. The story’s author is still making their way through the film, but what has been published is really enjoyable. We get to see how Anna and Kristoff interact with many other Disney couples, like Naveen & Tiana, Aladdin & Jasmine, and others. 

This story takes place in an alternate modern-day universe in which Anna has married Hans and cut ties with everyone in Arendelle. It is clearly a toxic relationship, so Anna leaves and goes back to her sister. The story opens with Hans discovering that Anna has left him & the rage that ensues following this discovery.

This story opens with the End of War Manifesto banishing all villains from Auradon, but things don't quite work out as anticipated. The characters of this story must balance trust and loyalty with their suspicions of everyone around them. It seems that no one is safe and that real allies don’t really exist. 

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