If you're looking for the Best Downton Abbey Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story takes place from 1914 to 1971, so it spans quite a long time. In this story, we see what could have happened if Mary had immediately accepted Matthew’s first proposal. This small decision changes everything as we know it, and a really exciting and unique story unfolds. 

In this story, each of the Crawley girls has soul marks, and though you may think that would make their lives easier, it doesn’t quite turn out that way. When Sybil discovers who her soulmate is, everything changes in an instant. This story is dramatic and many claim it reads just like an episode of the show. 

In this story, Thomas faces a major challenge that changes his life. Dealing with the aftermath of this event is not easy, and it doesn’t seem that he has much support from those around him. Though this story can be upsetting at times, it also contains moments of hope.

In this story, Mary confesses her secret to Matthew much earlier than in the original series. This confession obviously changes things between them, but they have much more time to deal with it. The war is still raging making it difficult to have a relationship, but somehow the two of them find a way. 

This story has many unique elements, but the greatest, perhaps, is that of Tom. In this story, Tom makes a name for himself before meeting Sybil. There are also some other plot lines at play in this story, such as Robert squandering Cora’s fortune before the sinking of the Titanic.. 

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