If you're looking for the Best Digimon fanfiction, this story is for you!

The most popular Digimon fanfiction is actually one of the shortest at 500 words and is inspired by a song with the same title. This brief story depicts a small moment in the relationship between Makino and Lee. He is pondering their relationship dynamics and how things have changed between them. 

This story follows the life of Miyako as she starts attending middle school. She finds that life in middle school is a bit different than elementary school. There are more rules, more homework, and less time to spend with friends, but she is falling into a rhythm and figuring out who she is.

This fanfic is a crossover with My Hero Academia. When Izuku gets sucked into a computer, he also meets many of our favorite Digimon characters, and some original characters, too. And when the computer spits him out, he has a bit of trauma to deal with, and we find that he did not come back alone. 

In this story, Matsuki Takato is stuck in a world where those around him have a superpower called a quirk. He clearly does not fit in, but he must find a way to survive  until he can find a way home. On his journey to find some allies, Takato faces obstacles and people who want to harm him. 

In this story, Tal, Davis, Takato, Takuya, TK, and Kari are all drawn into the Digital World. While they are in the Digital World, they befriend Shoutmon, who gives them devices that allow them to turn into Digimon for a limited time. The teens struggle to find their way home, and on their journey, they meet new friends, find new enemies, and learn a lot about themselves and each other. 

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