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"Is this book a standalone, duology, or part of a series?"

Question 1

Defy the Night is the first book in a fantasy series by Brigid Kemmerer. We do not know if Defy the Night is going to be a duology, trilogy, or contain more books. However, we at least know that Defy the Night is going to have a sequel called Defend the Dawn.

"Does Defy the Night contain romance, and what kind of romance?"

Question 2

Defy the Night contains a slow-burn romance between Tessa and Corrick. The kind of romance is from friends to enemies to friends again before finally blossoming into romance.

"Does Defy the Night feature a love triangle?"

Question 3

You could say Defy the Night contains a love triangle. Yet it is not a love triangle as the 2 male characters are one and the same. Tessa is divided by her heart. She loves Wes but always hated the prince for his brutal acts.

"Who does Tessa end up with?"

Question 4

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