If you're looking for popular Danny phantom fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story opens with a ghost attack, and things quickly spiral out of control from there. Danny must fight ghosts and ghost hunters, as well as his own instincts. The lives of every student at his school are at risk, so he must work quickly. 

In this story, Danny's parents are the villains. Though they may not exactly be “evil,” they are certainly misguided in their understanding of ghosts and the afterlife. This story is quite dark and it goes in-depth into the author’s thoughts on morality and mortality. 

This story involves Danny, of course, but Mr. Lancer also plays a large role in this story, as well. In this story, Danny’s identity is revealed to Mr. Lancer in a dramatic and somewhat upsetting manner. Mr. Lancer decides that he needs to help the young boy, and this plays out in a really interesting way. 

In this story, we get to see the town’s theories on how Danny Phantom came to be. None of these theories are very pleasant. In fact, some of them are quite disturbing...

This story details what might have happened if Danny had died at four years old. If that sounds a little bit dark, you are absolutely right. Though this story is depressing, it is very well written. 

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