If you have questions about about Leigh Bardugo's YA Fantasy novel, Crooked Kingdom...

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"Is Crooked Kingdom part of a series?"

Question 1

This  is the second book in a duology. The first book is Six of Crows. Even though it is a duology, the books are part of a larger series. Before this duology there is the Shadow and Bone trilogy. And after this duology there is the King of Scars duology. All these books take place in the same world and have overlapping characters.

"Is Crooked Kingdom part of the Grishaverse?"

Question 2

Yes it is. Even though it doesn’t take place at the exact same time or with the same characters. However, it still takes place in the same world as the Grishaverse. Just in another country.

"Does this book contain LGBTQ romance or characters?"

Question 3

Like in Six of Crows, this book has a few LGBTQ characters.

"Does Matthias die?"

Question 4

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