If you're looking for the Best Cobra Kai Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story opens with the ending of season 4, and it is the author’s take on the events that should or could happen in the upcoming 5th season. Miguel heads out to find his father in Mexico City. Though he does not know much about him, he thinks that he will be able to find him without too much struggle. 

This story is told from Robby’s perspective, which sheds a unique light on the falling-out that occurred at the end of season four and the following events. There is a lot of father/son bonding in this story, and there is also a heavy focus on the karate aspects of the series. 

In this story, the All Valley tournament is over, and Cobra Kai has won. However, no one really feels like a winner. As summer arrives, new kids come flooding into the dojo, and Johnny feels like this might just be his second chance. 

This story mainly focuses on Miguel and Robby and their struggles, conflicts, and relationships. However, we get to read from the perspectives of many characters including Sam, Hawk, Johnny, Daniel, and more. In this story, Miguel and Johnny have a bit of a falling out; they seem to have turned on each other. 

In this story, we largely focus on the love triangle between Sam, Robby, and Miguel. There is an abundance of conflict between the three of them. It seems that they may never be able to work things out. Robby makes a huge mistake, and no one is keen to forgive him, so he is on his own. 

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