If you're looking for the best Bridgerton fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story takes place in an alternate universe where Anthony never pursues Edwina. Everything changes when the Duke and Duchess of Hastings return to London for the social season. Their simple presence gets Anthony to look at things in a different light. 

In this story, Anthony and Edwina have married, and Kate has married a Duke to stay close to her sister. No one is happy in their marriages, but there is nothing that anyone can do. When Edwina runs away in the night leaving nothing behind but a short letter, Anthony’s life changes instantly. 

In this story, Anthony is preparing to propose to Edwina during their summer holiday. Unfortunately for him, Edwina’s meddlesome older sister is coming on holiday with them, too. Things do not go to plan, and Anthony is put in a sticky situation. 

In this story, Kate never hears Anthony’s list of requirements for a suitable wife. This means that she is much more excited and happy about him pursuing her sister. She thinks that he only has good intentions, and is thrilled about the match. That is, until she realizes her true feelings for Anthony. 

This story opens with Kate and Anthony sitting in their flat together with a positive pregnancy test sitting on the table between them. This is a shocking turn of events in their relationship that neither of them were expecting. 

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