If you're looking for the most popular Black Clover fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

In this story, we see what happens when four mages are taken from their own world and placed into a new and unknown world. We see how the folks around them react and why the mages are there in the first place. The mages then return to their own world, but their numbers have doubled somehow. 

The premise of this story deals with coincidences and random encounters that can change a person’s life. Asta and Yano are separated at a very young age and their lives change in many unexpected ways. This is a somewhat sad story, but it is very captivating. 

In this story, Asta has an antimagic devil on his side. He is unsure why, but this devil has been with him ever since he was a child. Throughout this story, Asta faces many struggles, including some mental health issues, that he spends a lot of time dealing with. 

In this fanfic, we focus on Noelle rather than Asta, though he still makes an appearance. After Noelle faces defeat by Vanica, she expects to have a fairly peaceful death. That is not the case, however, and Noelle finds herself in a new world. In this new world, everything seems the same, yet very different somehow. 

The characters from Black Clover all gather in a room to see what is going to happen to them in the future. The catch is, however, that they must start watching from 500 years in the past. They must watch the tragedy from 500 years ago until they catch up to the present day, then they see what their future holds. 

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