If you're looking for the best Ben 10 fanfiction on ao3, this story is for you!

This story focuses on Ben and Gwen and their relationship and how they are rebuilding trust with one another. The author has written a love story that feels very true and authentic. They face many obstacles along the way, and they, of course, face many aliens, as well. 

In this alternate universe of Ben 10 fanfiction, we see a world in which things are very different from what we know. This story is full of the characters we know and love, but many of them have taken on different personas. That is because, in this universe, Ben’s friends and enemies have switched places. 

In this story, Ben and Gwen are not separated or sent to different schools, and things are generally much happier. Of course, the two of them still manage to get into trouble and face many issues. Overall, this is a really happy story that is great for fans of a good Gwen and Ben romance.

This story focuses on Ben being sent on a very unusual mission. It is unlike any other mission that he has ever been on, so we know it is going to be interesting. This mission involves Ben guarding and taking care of a group of alien babies. 

In this story, we get to experience the relationship between Kevin and Gwen. Of course, we still get to see Ben and our other favorite characters, but Kevin and Gwen are the focus. This story opens in Antarctica where Kevin spends most of this story learning to relax and unwind.

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