If you're looking for the best Ben 10 crossover fanfiction, this story is for you!

This is a multi crossover story with characters from My Hero Academia, Ben 10, Percy Jackson, One Piece and many more. While Izuku is on a holiday, his classmates find out what his greatest secret is. He has written a love song, and everyone is reading it out loud.

This story is a crossover between Ben 10 and Young justice. Albedo is chasing after Ben, and they find themselves in the middle of an explosion. This sends the both of them across multiverses where they eventually are trapped in one world.

This is a crossover between My Hero Academia and Ben 10. In a multiverse story, the Omnitrix ends up in Izuku Midoriya’s world. Here he can use it to help others, but also feel a bit normal with everyone else. But every action has consequences, and Izuku soon finds that out.

This fanfic is yet another crossover between My Hero Academia and Ben 10. Ben was given the master control to defend the earth from an invasion. But when it is clear that the battle is lost, Azuth sends it to a separate dimension. There Izuku Midoriya finds the watch and can actually use its powers.

This story is a crossover between Ben 10, Parahuman, DC, Gravity Falls, and a few others. We follow the main character as they discover that they are gifted with incredible power. But with this power comes the responsibility to save entire worlds from destruction.

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