If you're looking for the Best Beastars Fanfiction, this story is for you!

In this story, the first human student is accepted to Cherryton Academy. Every student has a different reaction to this new student, and not all of them are friendly and welcoming. In fact, many of them feel that they are superior to the human and they will do anything in their power to keep him from succeeding. 

In this story, there is a new student at Cherryton Academy. Everyone is excited to meet the student, but their excitement fades when this student does not meet expectations. The new student is a harlequin rabbit, and the other students are kind of confused and a bit disappointed. 

The author of this story has written in such a way so that the reader is an active participant in all of the events of the story. This story features love triangles, interesting friendships, and a lot of humor. If you have ever wanted to live in the world of Beastars, this is the story for you.

In this story, Simon Smith enters a wormhole to another universe. He quickly realizes that the other students at the academy that he has entered cannot see him. When he speaks or touches them, they seem to realize he is there, but he finds that he is doomed to remain a ghost forever. 

This story opens with the crime lord Melon’s time as the leader of the Shishigumi coming to an end. A series of bombings then follows this event, and the four families of the market are left with a huge mess. They must figure out how to keep the market from going hungry, as well as how to put the pieces of their city back together. 

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