If you're looking for the Best Bangtan boys fanfiction, this story is for you!

Yoongi is a single parent, and Taehyung is his son, who is dying to be a dragon. Jimin is the dragon’s new best friend, and Seokjin is a single dad working two jobs just to get by. We see these characters in many of their everyday interactions, and they are all very heartwarming. 

This story opens on the worst day of Taehyung’s life. It is one of those days when everything goes wrong, and it seems that nothing will ever get better. But he is miraculously saved from this terrible day by a mysterious doe-eyed enigma. 

In this Bangtan Boys fanfiction, the boys of BTS take on a new role. In this story, Jungkook is just a pup who is trying to figure life out. There are some very sweet moments between him and the rest of the band members, as they all just dote on him and want to take care of him. 

In this story, Jeongguk’s parents have died, and he has taken in his younger brother, Jimin. The two brothers struggle together, and they barely make ends meet. Food is scarce, and they must skimp to get by...

In the alternate universe of this story, soulmates are literally life-saving people. When you first touch your soulmate, a bruise appears a few hours later at the point of contact. It is then a race against time to find your soulmate. For most people, this is simple, but when you are a world-famous pop star, it can be a bit more difficult. 

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