If you're looking for the Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction, this story is for you!

This story takes place in the middle of season one. Zuko is being held ransom by Chief Hakoda, and Hakoda is worried that his “son” may be safer amongst his enemies than with his own father. This story is overall very fluffy, but there are some moments of hurt and angst, as well. 

The morning after his Agni Kai, Zuko wakes up and realizes his true destiny. He takes this information to Ozai and tells him exactly what he plans to do. Unfortunately, this plan gets Zuko locked up for three years, during which he is tormented and tortured to no end. 

This story opens with Zuko attempting to escape on the day of the eclipse, but he is not very successful with his planned escape. This lands him in prison for the duration of the war, and this small change affects just about everyone. The Gaang now has a new Fire Lord that they cannot trust, which makes everything much more difficult. 

In this story, Zuko discovers a lost firebending technique, and he effectively changes the world as a result. This story seemingly has everything that you could ask for in an Avatar fanfic, including ancient powers, political strife, and relationship building.

In this story, Zuko is captured by Admiral Zhao. With no allies and no friends around, Zuko must get acquainted with the chatty prisoner in the cell next to his. Though this starts out as a forced friendship due to proximity, it quickly turns into a very real friendship that seems unbreakable.

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