10 Awesome Grey’s Anatomy Fanfiction Stories to Read in 2024

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If you are looking for some of the best Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction, you have come to the right place. 

For over 18 years, Grey’s Anatomy has been captivating audiences around the world. 

From the insane medical ailments to the dramatic and heartbreaking relationships, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this show. 

Though it may be a medical drama, it is so much more than that. 

There are romantic relationships, familial relationships, and friendships that all take a beating throughout the course of the show. 

The show also features commentary on the social problems plaguing the US, as well as the medical system in general. 

And of course, there is plenty of medical drama as well.

As you might expect, the long run of Grey’s Anatomy has spurred countless fanfictions that revolve around every character imaginable and has put them into impossible, joyful, and heartbreaking scenarios. 

Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction is so popular, in part, because of the massive cast on the show. 

There have been dozens of characters who have come and gone, and they each leave their mark on the audience. 

The majority of the stories below focus on Nico Kim and Levi Schmitt, but there are a good amount of other characters mixed in, as well.

Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Happiness Between Grey Skies

Nico and Schmitt are one of the most popular Grey’s Anatomy couples on the show currently. 

Many find their pairing compelling because of how different they are. 

This story really highlights many of those differences. 

This story is actually a collection of several shorter snippets that feature Nico and Levi in both their personal and professional lives. 

Throughout these stories, we also get to see how Nico and Schmitt interact with other characters including Jo, Jackson, Linc, and Maggie. 

If you are looking for some feel-good fluff, this is a great place to start. 

There is very little drama or conflict; just heartwarming love between these two. 

2. Code Luna

This story focuses less on romantic relationships and more on the medical drama that is unfolding in the hospital. 

There is still a decent amount of romance, however. 

When a Code Luna is called at the hospital, the staff has to deal with it as quickly as possible. 

This, of course, causes problems and issues that must be resolved. 

Levi is dealing with his recent breakup and has a hard time focusing on work, which is a fun side of him to see.

There are appearances from many different characters in this story including Meredith, Amelia, Owen, and several original characters, as well.

The author of this story has a knack for making you feel like you are watching an episode of the show. 

Between the drama and work-related issues, there are moments of love and friendship. 

3. You Asked for it

In this next Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction, Nico and Levi are again the focus of the majority of the story. 

Though we do see a couple of other characters throughout, their lives and relationship are the focal point. 

This story is again a collection of smaller snippets that all work together to give these two some greater depth and personality. 

One of the main issues that these characters deal with in a couple of the stories is racism and how it affects their work and personal lives. 

There are many different stories, however, and they each deal with different topics and situations.

A majority of them are nice, fluffy stories in which Nico and Levi are a happy couple. 

That’s what we love to see from these two. 

A collection of snippets is a great way to spend some time with the characters we love without committing to a lengthy story. 

4. This Feels Right With You

The next fanfiction on our list does not deal with Nico and Levi. 

In fact, they are not even mentioned in this story. 

The main focus of this incredible fanfiction is Addison and Meredith. 

These are two strong and powerful women who you may not expect to end up together due to their history, but the author writes a compelling story about them. 

In this story, Meredith and Addison run into each other at a medical conference in Boston and they end up in an interesting situation together. 

There are nearly 75,000 words in this story, which gives us plenty of Addison and Meredith content to enjoy. 

If you are looking for spicy fanfiction with an unusual pairing at the focus, this is a great place to start.

Amongst the drama and struggles that these two have, there is also humor and love, which makes it a really fun and well-written story. 

5. Playing Favorites

This story is short and sweet and full of oblivious men.

It is a great story that showcases some of the things we love most about Levi Schmitt.

In this story we see Nico giving Levi plenty of favoritism, which Levi interprets as good luck. 

Everyone else around him knows that isn’t true, but he is completely unaware. 

As we have seen on the show, this romance is definitely a slow burn, and that is no different in this story. 

It takes plenty of time for them to get together, but the payout is worth it in the end. 

The author of this story does a great job of keeping both Levi and Nico in character while also giving them a personal touch. 

6. Five Times Someone Found out Schmitt was Married and One Time Someone Already Knew

This story has many sweet romantic moments, but it has just as many touching moments of friendship, as well. 

As the title suggests, Levi is secretly married, and people are starting to find out. 

The way people react to this news is all slightly different, but they are all interesting to read. 

As you may have guessed, Levi is secretly married to Nico in this alternate universe, and Nico loves being the secret husband. 

We see Levi start to make friends and enjoy the attention that he gets from having an unusually attractive husband. 

This is a great story that is full of humor and wit, and the author has done a fantastic job of dropping us into an alternate universe without even realizing it. 

7. The Eye. Again.

In this Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction, we see Nico become a protective and ultra-supportive partner. 

After Schmidt gets beat up by a patient’s husband, Nico steps in to defend him.

Nico is usually someone who does not show much emotion, for good or for bad, so it is interesting and exciting to see how he reacts when the man he loves is in danger. 

This is a rather short story, but it is full of suspenseful moments, as well as moments of drama, romance, and friendship. 

This story is written from Nico’s point of view, which is an interesting change of pace from the usual perspective that we see with these two. 

Seeing what is going on in his head gives him much more depth and personality than we are used to. 

There are a few other characters who make an appearance in this story, but the focus is largely on Nico and Schmitt and how they deal with the fallout from Schmitt’s encounter with the angry family member. 

8. Sweet as Cherry Wine

In this alternate universe, we get another look at Nico becoming the protective and angry boyfriend. 

Levi is put in a scary situation, which results in him sustaining a major injury. 

Of course, Nico is there for him every step of the way. 

He comforts him in his pain and works to bring him back to full health. 

We also see Link being an excellent friend to Nico, which is really sweet to see. 

The moments of friendship between these two are almost as heartwarming as the moments of love between Nico and Levi. 

This is another brief story at just over 4,000 words, but it is full of the things we love about Nico and Levi. 

It is definitely a story that you do not want to miss. 

9. A Different Paradise 

fanart of derek shepherd

This story takes a pairing that we have not seen yet and puts them into the spotlight. 

Long-time fans of Grey’s Anatomy know that this is a couple who had a major following back in the day. 

Though they never got together on the show, fan theories and fanfiction are in abundance for these two. 

That couple is, of course, Meredith and Mark. 

This story takes place in an alternate universe in which Meredith and Mark go from being friends and co-founders of the dirty mistress club to lovers. 

This story picks up directly after the infamous “pick me, choose me, love me,” scene, but Derek does not come to meet her at the bar. 

In this world, Derek gets back with Addison, and Meredith is left to deal with the heartache. 

Fortunately, she is not left alone for long. 

The author does a great job of making this relationship seem real and plausible, and it is a lot of fun to read. 

10. 5 Times Nico Looked After Levi

As you may have guessed from the title, the final Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction that we will look at is back to being focused on Levi and Nico. 

Nico is once again playing the role of the protective figure in their relationship. 

Levi endures quite a few minor injuries, and Nico is by his side every step of the way.

This is a collection of a few short stories that give us little glimpses into their sweet relationship. 

There is also a story in this collection in which Nico gets hurt and Levi is there to comfort him, which is a nice change of pace. 

It is always fun to see these two and how their relationship works outside of the hospital. 

These brief snippets provide depth to their characters, and they are simply lovely to read. 

Grey’s Anatomy Fanfiction: Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you find some popular Grey’s fanfics to read!

And if you have questions about this topic, feel free to leave a message in the comments below!

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